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We place the highest value on our people. We care deeply about delivering authentic hospitality and believe that every member of our team is essential to creating the ENTREE experience. We aren’t afraid to empower our associates to say “Yes is the answer. What is the question?”

We are chef-led, and our teams work from scratch daily to execute our carefully crafted menu. Our chef teams are on a constant quest to present our guests with the best ingredients and preparations from around the world. Our menu is always evolving and new additions are the result of months of in-depth research and countless menu tastings to ensure that every bite and sip meets our standards of excellence.

We aspire to offer our guests an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What our Customers Say…

"I strongly urge you to try the Chef's
Special, You'll love it!"
Shua from Cleveland, OH
"Great Food. Great Staff.
Great Service. Good Times!"
Yanky from Lakewood, NJ

"The only thing better than the food
is the environment"
Bernard from Brooklyn, NY
"Excellent food.
Highly Recommended!"
Chaim from Teaneck, NJ


  1. Popcorn Chicken

    $ 16.00

    Beer battered chicken served with a duet of sauces

  2. Crispy Tenders

    $ 15.00

    Panko crusted chicken accompanied with pesto aioli

  3. Smoked Brisket Eggroll

    $ 21.00

    Pulled brisket, side of Texas BBQ sauce

  4. Pastrami Empanadas

    $ 18.00

    Sauteed with onion, honey mustard, BBQ aioli

  5. Short Rib Gnocchi

    $ 28.00

    House prepared, beef ragout in a white truffle oil

  6. BBQ Braised Beef

    $ 30.00

    Braised beef house, rice tempura, house BBQ sauce

  7. Short Rib Tacos

    $ 22.00

    Trio of tacos served alongside pineapple tomato salsa

  8. Baby Back Ribs

    $ 32.00

    Slow cooked with a bourbon BBQ glaze

  9. Tongue Baguette

    $ 30.00

    Cured tongue, cherry mustard, on a toasted sourdough

  10. Pulled Beef Spring Rolls

    $ 19.00

    Fried Asian style with sweet chili

  11. Pulled Beef Pizza

    $ 28.00

    Flatbread topped with shredded choice beef, house tomato sauce

  12. Prime Beef Dumplings

    $ 22.00

    Served steamed, sweet miso soy glaze

  13. Beef Carpaccio

    $ 32.00

    Prime raw beef, balsamic, lemon oil, with brioche crisps

  14. Liver Paté

    $ 28.00

    Served with an apricot and carmelized onion jam, garlic crostini

  15. Stack of Lamb Riblets

    $ 38.00

    Slow cooked lamb rib in a honey date glaze

  16. Prime Beef Sliders

    $ 28.00

    Herb aioli and organic Frisee, on a grilled sesame roll

  17. Asian Crispy Beef

    $ 28.00

    Tender fried beef strips, tossed in soy, honey and ginger

  18. Panko Crusted Lollipop Chicken

    $ 24.00

    Duet of lollipops, burnt honey siracha glaze, tahini drizzle


  1. Chicken Matzo Ball

    $ 12.00

  2. Portobello Mushroom

    $ 12.00

  3. Soup of the Day

    $ 12.00


  1. Caesar

    $ 16.00

    Romaine lettuce, cucumber, grape tomato, purple onion, topped with house made crouton and dressing

  2. Portobello

    $ 18.00

    Romaine lettuce, portobello mushroom, hearts of palm, orange wedge, walnut, citrus vinaigrette

  3. House

    $ 18.00

    Romaine lettuce, quinoa, sweet potato, fire roasted peppers, beets, grape tomato, honey balsamic vinaigrette

  4. Autumn

    $ 18.00

    Fresh romaine, grape tomato, purple onion, sliced apple, candied pecan, dried cranberry, maple balsamic vinaigrette

  5. Add Chicken

    $ 18.00

  6. Add Beef

    $ 24.00

Steaks & Chops


    $ 68.00

    16 ounce cut, marbleized beef


    $ 75.00

    22 ounce bone-in ribeye


    $ 75.00

    14 ounce thin sliced beef, chimichurri marinade


    $ 65.00

    12 ounce center lean Delmonico cut

  5. Surprise Steak · Limited Availability

    $ 95

    12 ounce butcher’s cut of ribeye lip, tender


    $ 65.00

    12 ounce pan seared, pepper-crusted fillet, red wine shallot sauce

  7. Flat Iron Steak

    $ 49

    10-12 ounce, tender, well-marbled and flavorful

  8. Lollipop Lamb Chops

    $ 78.00

    Quartet, in minted lamb au jus

  9. Grilled Veal Ribeye Chop

    $ 78.00

    16 ounce, wild mushroom demi glaze



    $ 38.00

    Pan seared in a fine marsala sauce with fresh mushroom


    $ 38.00

    Dark chicken fillet, marinated in a red wine herb suace


    $ 38.00

    Breast of chicken marinated in a balsamic vinaigrette

  4. Roasted Spring Chicken

    $ 38.00

    1/2 Broiler chicken, with lemon, garlic and dill


  1. Seasoned Fries

    $ 12.00

  2. Sweet Potato Fries

    $ 12.00

  3. Yukon Garlic Potato Mash

    $ 12.00

  4. Seasonal Vegetables

    $ 12.00

  5. Basmati Rice

    $ 12.00

  6. Mushroom & Onion Sautée

    $ 12.00


  1. Peanut Butter Mousse Crunch

    $ 16.00

    Served with fresh whipped cream and peanut biscuit

  2. Molten Chocolate Cake

    $ 16.00

    Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

  3. Warm Apple Cobbler

    $ 16.00

    Cinnamon dusted, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

  4. Stack o’ Choco Chunk Cookies

    $ 18.00

    Warm and soft, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; serves 2

  5. Cinnamon Churros

    $ 18.00

    Deep-fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

  6. S’mores Explosion

    $ 18.00

    Warm brownie atop of a toasted marshmallow créme, vanilla ice cream with a chocolate sauce and lotus crunch

  7. Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlèe

    $ 18.00

    Served with Dulce de Leche and whipped cream

  8. Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea

    $ 4.00

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